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This edition has 70 new pages of images, information, and IDs, including a whole new section on Behavior. We’ve also made updates to existing images and IDs.

Every night the largest animal migration on earth takes place in the oceans of the world. The zooplankton migrates vertically up from the deep to feed in the shallower water near the surface. With the plankton comes a variety of both pelagic and larval creatures to feed on the plankton and each other. This creates an opportunity for underwater photographers and divers looking for something new and unique. A “blackwater dive” means going out at night in the deep ocean and looking for these subjects, which include: fish and mollusk larvae, that will eventually settle on the bottom; pelagics that live their whole lives in this environment; and creatures like jellyfish and siphonophores, all traveling with the currents.

When divers first experience these dives, they often get back on the boat and say “I saw a lot of stuff, but I don’t know what any of it is!”. The purpose of this book, BLACKWATER Creatures, is to introduce new black water divers to the critters they may see on a typical black water dive in southeast Florida – both the more common subjects and a few rare ones. This will help them to recognize the creatures and, therefore, have a better dive experience.

BLACKWATER Creatures will also be a useful reference for experienced black water divers and photographers, to help identify and learn more about the subjects. The authors (Linda Ianniello and Susan Mears) have been doing these dives for more than five years and together have logged over 500 black water dives in Southeast Florida. This book is a compilation of their images.

BLACKWATER Creatures contains 240 pages, with over 380 images, in 8.5 inch x 8.5 inch softcover format. The creatures are divided into groups, with descriptions and identifications (where available). Here are a few sample pages from the book:

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NOTE: The book is also available for purchase locally at Pura Vida Divers, Riviera Beach, Florida.



“Blackwater Creatures is the definitive guide to the small, and often tiny, but fantastically amazing animals that drift in our southeast Florida gulfstream.  Susan and Linda have painstakingly photographed, researched, and identified a large number of these inhabitants making this an awesome reference source for all blackwater divers.  Additionally, the quality of the photos and top-notch printing, make Blackwater Creatures a fantastic coffee table book for anyone who loves our oceans.” Jason Spitz, Breathe Sail Dive, Lighthouse Point, FL

“The pictures are incredible and there is huge diversity of species. The book is very well laid out and easy to search: a must-have for any diver interested in blackwater diving! Thanks again for a great resource. 😊” Mickey Charteris, Caribbean Reef Life, Roatan, Honduras

“Linda, the book is outstanding! The photos are beautiful and it will be extremely helpful. Thank you for all your work and effort.” Dave Heidemann, Ferndale MI

“This book is literally stunning. One of the best books I now own! Thank you so much for your time, efforts, research, beautiful photos and all around amazingness.” Andrea W., Riviera Beach FL

“Stunning photography from knowledgeable talented underwater photographers.” Anne DuPont, Delray Beach FL

“Congratulations!!! I loved reading through mine, and consult it on a regular basis to answer the “What the heck is that?” questions.” Chris Gug, Gug Underwater, Fort Lauderdale FL

“OMG!, the book is AMAZING! I stayed up after the blackwater dive the other day to read it!  You both did an amazing job with it!!! As always, the pictures are breathtaking!” Ani B., Riviera Beach FL 

“This is a beautifully composed book!! We are so excited to share your amazing work!!” Pura Vida Divers, Singer Island FL      

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